Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday 16.1: C2B, Front squat

Friday. Gymnastics, emom x 6min: 7 c2b. Strength, 10x3 front squat (120kg).

Another day of hard grinding with the squats. It was front squats this time. Got to say it's time to hit some back squats, I've been longing for them for quite some time. My system required back squats so I took one session of those couple of days ago but mostly it's been purely front squats. Today's sets were heavy triples. Prior to them I got c2b's for skills purposes.

It's that time of the year. The CF Open is upon us!
It's gonna be a blast watching these bulls chip away the workouts

  • Every minute on the minute, for 6 minutes
  • 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
I need to get my pull-ups done. No excuses. Today I knew there's not gonna be enough time to hit a metcon so this emom warm-up was my way to add some elements to strength portion. It was awesome to witness these c2b's were light. They didn't come even remotely tough at any moment of these 6 minutes. Had no doubts I would nail them but there was a chance they would have been unpleasant anyway. On the other hand, my chest-to-bars have become a lot better in the past year. Before that they were pathetic. As I think of it, these could have been done with more reps per minute or more minutes with the same reps.

Mobility tips by Jami Tikkanen @ Crossfit Reykjavik

  • Front squat 10x3 (1x125kg, 9x120kg)
There was no doubt these are gonna be brutal. Goal was to hit them with 125kg load. I took one and it was heavy as sh*t. Got it, but it was obvious it's gonna be too heavy for 9 more sets. Had to drop down to 120kg, and continue smashing the sets. I took 'em every 3 minutes, and after 5 rounds one set every 4 minutes. I wanted to keep some intensity there because that seems to work better for me. After 5 sets the load was too heavy to keep the same imd frame so I took one extra minute for recovery.

First rep was doable, the second was heavy and the last one was painful. Last sets were the most challenging physically but mentally it was the most difficult before the middle of the workout. Those sets were seriously heavy and there was more than half to be completed still. Set by set those got done and gainz were made.

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