Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday 12.1: Back squat, Clean emom

Monday. Strength, back squat 5x5 (across 120kg). Ever 30sec: 1 hang squat clean @ 90kg, for 10min. Random cardio work.

How great is it to make a comeback at back squats? It's beyond words, loved it! Today's work was pretty much all about leg strength. After squats and cleans I tried to do some sort of metcon but to be honest it didn't turn out very well. But there were some work being done anyway.

  • Back squat 5x5 (all sets @ 120kg)
These went perfectly. I was looking forward to these a lot. Originally I was supposed to do 10x3 heavy front squats but my neck still hurts from last front squat session (on Friday) so I as cautious of doing the same movement where it got sore. Now I can turn my head quite normally but had to take one pain killer in the morning anyway.

I'll save front squats to next time but it was awesome to get back squats in after a long pause. I just wanted to remember how it feels like so I took 5x5 and ended up doing all those sets at 120kg. Very positive signal was that I manhandled the weight. No problems whatsoever with these. Went rock bottom each rep and bounced back up. The path up and down felt great, these squats were solid. Felt happy after these. I took them with short intervals, something like one set every 2:00-2:30 minutes. Had a squatting partner there, we just basically changed the weights, short analysis on the sets, and one of us went back to action.

Dating 2 years back in Big Sky

  • Every 30 seconds:
  • 1 hang squat clean @ 90kg
One day it hit me that I haven't done heavy cleans that much. This is in my wheelhouse and I want it to stay that way. This is how it looked like on paper. One heavy rep from hang position every half a minute. Weight was 90kg. Could have been a little heavier. This was good though. The only thing I was thinking that I had a bit too much time to get under the bar. Had it been a little heavier, there would have been a rush to drop quickly.

But the reps were similar in technique. That's a good thing. One day I looked back at some old training videos and one clip was a PR attempt in clean. Ended up not being able to catch the bar in front rack position and lost the bar forward. The weight was 70kg and year was either 2012 or 2013. So I'm happy on every lift nowadays. Freaking long journey has been traveled in this crossfit thing. Knocking 20x90kg every 30sec from hang position is progress.

Cash out.
  • Rowing
  • Thrusters
  • Toes-to-bar
  • Burpees
Yep, my legs were pretty much done after squats and cleans. I thought about doing a high intensity metcon in the end but that was too much to handle for me this time. My legs were smashed after rowing 200 meters =) What would I say about this portion. The star moment was 50 burpees but other than that it was not something to be told to the next generation.

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