Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday 5.1: Snatches

Monday. Snatch emom x 15min: 1 rep hang squat snatch (52.5kg / 115lbs). Hang power snatch 5x5 (40kg).

Yesterday I got a cool thought. If I want to rock my ring muscle-ups some day, there got to happen two things. I'll have to add volume to practicing them and secondly, strict muscle-up would be great. I've taken some progressions towards a strict rep and I came up with a thought of getting some regular kipping reps done every single day. In the warm-up section. I can't add skill session to everyday training because of schedules. There wouldn't be time practically for anything else. So that's why I thought taking a rep or more every single day. At least most of the days. Today was day 1 on this program.

Squat snatch.
  • Every minute on the minute, for 15 minutes
  • 1 hang squat snatch (2x50, 13x52.5kg)
You'll be seeing more snatches from me in the future. I figured taking heavier squat snatches from hang position, just singles, and climbing up little by little. It turned out my technique wasn't the best today for squat snatches. Simply didn't have the balls to pull fiercely enough. That's why the bar stayed too much in front. I didn't like it. Had 3 misses in total but managed to get the 15 reps done anyway, 1 per minute.

I had aimed to hit something around 60kg but no biggie, I'll take it another day. Today this was the best I could do. Once I got off the gym it felt like I'm getting a cold. Let's see how this evolves. I'm usually not sick so I'm not welcoming this one either. Pauliina nursed me with hot ginger drinks when we got home. Those really felt like they helped a lot! I'll try to fight this one off. It looks like a great training day tomorrow as we have a public holiday in Finland.

Noah Olsen hitting the Dave Castro challenge, brutal combo

Power snatch.
  • 5x5 hang power snatch (40, 40, 40, 40, 45kg)
Metcon was out of question but I still wanted to get some action done so I took couple of sets hang power snatches from hang position, mid thigh. Those hang squat snatches were mostly from high hang, couple of mid-thigh too. Currently I'm more comfortable with high hang. But during these power snatches I wanted to practice the mid-thigh version.

Power snatch set

In my opinion they went pretty well. I was able to pull with lats, not hands that much. Plus the bar traveled rather high, thus not escaping too much in front. Plus the extension was okay. I'm happy on the way these look like, for now.

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