Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday 10.1: 45min amrap

Saturday. Metcon, 45min amrap of: 1.000m row, 50 walking lunges, 25 hr push-ups. Result, 6rds + 375m

Exeptionally this day was a work day. No biggie, my gym moment just took place just a bit later than normally. Workout of the day was way longer than normally. Decided to hit it bit time rowing, added with some bodyweight action. It was great, no doubt. It might be good to do one long metcon per week, that's something I've had in my mind for some time now.

Metcon. Result, 6 rounds + 375m row

  • 45min amrap of:
  • 1.000mn row
  • 50 walking lunges
  • 25 hand release push-ups

During these days there's not much more you can do. Let the barbell alone and concentrate in this stuff. It was a good engine builder, 45 minutes is no joke. This was one of the longest ones I've done ever. Hero wod Small comes to my mind when talking about wods over half an hour. That consisted of rowing, running, box jumps and burpees. Think about that, I guess it took me something like 45 minutes too.

I created this from my head. Wanted rowing to be the main element and to get a good bunch of kilometers done. It turned out to be 1k per round. My pace was about 1:50 for the first round, then it slower down a little for the later rounds. But my principle was not to drop it to slower than 1:55. That was pretty much the speed I had for most of the workout. Not hard, not heavy, that was not the nature of the workout.

It was meant to be more of a steady pace wod. Keep on moving with a solid pace. No need to rush and sprint through any of the movements. Aim to keep heart rate under control and manageable. I believe I managed well on the workout's goal.

Lunges got to my legs eventually. 50 reps every round totaled to 300 reps overall. I'm saying the odds are great that my ass hurts tomorrow. Those lunges get to me every time, quads, hamstrings and butt cheeks are going to be sore.

It's been probably 1-2 years since I did hand release push-ups. Regular ones or ring versions are okay but for some reason these haven't been seen in my wods at all. No reason for that, they just haven't appeared. They were great, I have only positive thoughts about hr push-ups. I saw those being done at the 2010 CF Games Final event and got the inspiration to pass them on one the upcoming workouts.

Wasn't able to do them unbroken, had to cut them to couple of sets. First it was mostly 12 reps, then smaller sets from there on. Anyway, I got a good number of push-ups in the bank. Great time hanging at the gym and doing consistent work.

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