Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday 22.1: Gymnastics, Pause squats, Pair wod

Thursday. Gymnastics emom x 12min: Odd min: 10 c2b, even min: 10 pistols. Strength, pause squats 5x3 (100kg). Pair wod, 2 rounds of: 2:00 squat cleans (50kg), 0:30 rest, 2:00 ring dips, 0:30 rest, 2:00 burpees, 0:30 rest.

Great day as my pal Toni came to train with me and Pauliina after work. Today my back was in okay condition so it was definitely time to squat. Pause squats this time, not heavy though. Those gymnastics emom are the best to get pumped up and a good way to hone your weaknesses.

  • Every minute on the minute for 12 min
  • Odd min: 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Even min: 10 pistol squats, alternating
I've been able to slid lots of pull-ups in my training volume through these emom sets "pre-workout". Today we did these together with Toni, he just had different movements but we worked together anyway. He did ring dips and box jumps. C2B's are a great element to work on in this part in my opinion. Getting stronger with the movement and especially pull-ups where chest hits the bar every time. These were kind of semi-big sets for me. I might try out how many c2b's I can link together in one set. Hmm… good idea.

Pistol squats are always tough. Note to self though: don't do them on a squat day. They took the best of my legs just before back squats. But anyway, these were a perfect movement to be practiced this style. Loved every rep of it. We did these for 12 minutes, that is 6 rounds of each element, totaling 60 reps for both movements.

  • Pause squats 5x3 (across 100kg)
Not heavy this time. It was great to have that bar in my back rack for sure. Squats is something that should be done at least 3 times a week. Big muscles need to be worked on a lot. And it's only through squatting and deadlifts that you can get the best results on lower body.

Pair workout with Toni.
  • 2 rounds of:
  • 2:00 of squat clean, 50kg
  • 0:30 rest
  • 2:00 of ring dips
  • 0:30 rest
  • 2:00 of burpees
  • 0:30 rest
  • "You go, I go" style
This was purely Toni's imagination. He came up with the time and rep scheme. And it was a good one. We didn't decide on the reps beforehand but agreed to do this "You go, I go" style. That means Toni started the squat cleans, dropped when he felt like it and it was my time to go right away. I had 5's in the squat clean all the way, in both rounds. Ring dips were mostly 6's in the first round and on the 2nd round they varied between 4-6 reps.

Burpees were the only one where he had a game plan because we could have knocked 2 minutes in a row individually but there would have not been any point as a pair wod. It would not have been that intense. So on the first round we did 5's, then high-fives and changed turns. On the second round we did those alternation after each rep, with a good speed and we actually got a little more reps compared to the first round.

My notes are quite blurry but my best guess is that I had about 50-60 cleans, 50 ring dips and actually about the same amount of burpees as well. This was a good end to the training session. I recovered quickly, it wasn't all in type of workout but a good breather anyway. Those rest periods gave us enough time to go full throttle in those work periods.

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