Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday 8.1: Snatch, Ohs, Pull-ups, Box

Thursday. Hang squat snatch doubles, 8 sets (50-52.5kg). Ohs pause singles x 5. Emom x 6: 12 unbroken pull-ups. Conditioning, 4rds of: 10 box, 16 db snatch (22.5kg)

I'm getting to like these snatches. I notice I'm waiting for them with eagerness. Got inspiration to work for pause ohs from Chad Vaughn, this work was great. Some pull-up work and a little conditioning part. I noticed my heart was beating too fast compared to how it should work so I took the conditioning part a little easier. It was a good session.

I really want one of these, awesome equipment!

  • 8 sets of hang squat snatches (4 sets @ 50kg, 4 sets @ 52.5kg)
Alright, total of 8 doubles, I took these with just short recovery, it was something like every 90 seconds perform one set of snatches. This time the starting point for the barbell was mid-thigh. I've done them from high hang but today I decided to work on pulling the bar from a little lower starting position.

For the first 4 sets I worked with 50kg and then added just small plates to reach 52.5kg for the final 4 doubles. First 2 sets were a bit off but still manageable. Then it started to snap on its place little by little. I went to the very bottom on every rep to improve mobility in extreme positions. Just like mr. Vaughn teaches. Whatever this guy tells, it seems to be legit. He was also the biggest inspiration for me to finally move on to work that depth on the squats. Don't just go parallel, go beyond. And after Smolov I've been able to do that also with overhead squats because improved mobility.

  • 5x1 reps, with a 5 second pause in the bottom position (60, 65, 70, 70, 70kg)
My front squat bottom position is comfortable and I want it to be alike with overhead squats / snatches so this was perfect tool to develop that. The most difficult part of these reps was how to get that bar back on back rack position after the rep was done =) It took me couple of seconds to go deep and find the ultimate position, then hang around for 5 seconds there. That really flexes my shoulders so once I got up it was a bit intimidating to drop it on my back as shoulders were tired.

For legs this was easy. Had I been able to drop the bar after each single, I would have gone heavier for sure. This movement was a king one. Definitely have to go for more pause squats in all versions of squatting, back / front and overhead. I'll do couple of more front squat sessions, then I'm back to squatting for both back and front squats without a specific program in mind.

  • Every minute on the minute
  • 12 unbroken pull-ups
This is something that should be part of daily fitness: pull-ups. Haven't done my share lately. In November I got my shit together and completed tons of reps but in December it was much less. Got to add reps for sure. Today I did these emom style, 12 reps which took about 15 seconds, then rest for the remaining minute. It showed me there's work to be done as the last 2 sets were tough. They shouldn't be.

  • 4 rounds of:
  • 10 box jumps, 61cm
  • 8/8 dumbbell 1-arm snatch, 22.5kg
My heart rate was a bit too fast compared to being totally off the cold so I had to take this a little easier. It took me about 90 seconds to finish one round so it definitely wasn't max effort. Both movements tend to push the heartbeat through the roof so I got some rest between stations. All reps unbroken for sure but I took my time between elements. It was great to have some good old sweat running fast!

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