Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday 6.1: Gymnastics day

Tuesday. Gymnastics day. Bar muscle-ups, ring muscle-ups, freestanding hspu's.

I didn't have my best day because of the slight cold. It wasn't that bad anyway so we hit the gym in the evening. The weather was perfect in the morning and afternoon so it was time to go see how Helsinki looks like when nature offers its best side. Töölönranta by the sea is beautiful when sun is shining like a maniac. Training session included only gymnastics work, good session despite everything!

  • Bar muscle-ups, 1 rep every 45 seconds, for 10 reps
  • Ring muscle-ups, 5x1
  • Freestanding handstand push-ups
I haven't done more than maybe 2-3 bar mu's prior to this day at Haaga's gym where I train on a daily basis. The bar is so close to the wall that it doesn't allow a proper kip. That has disabled the development of my bar mu's a little bit. Or maybe that's just an excuse =) But anyway my bar muscle-ups are totally different when I can do them in a place where there's a lot of free space around the bar.

For example at Toni's affiliate or in the parks where I usually knock bar mu's I can utilize my hip and entire body much more than at my home gym. Here it has to be quite strict version and much more pulling with upper body. At least in my case. It was also more difficult to have perfect technique landing evenly over the bar.

It was anyway cool to get some reps done here as well. I'd like to pump more bar mu's in my training but the circumstances have not been as good as I'd like to. So I need to utilize what there is available. And then of course train outdoors when it's not winter time. Anyway, it's awesome that once this skill was acquired it has not disappeared even though there's not been that much repetitions. Muscles remember, so it seems.

I also took couple of singles of ring muscle-ups. Technique looked horrible but at least I got the reps done. It must get better through lots of training. Need to bring my hips higher before pulling. And keep my legs more together. Those are my first two thoughts that come to mind when looking at the reps on tape.

I would not have been able to move barbell nor the man today. This was a good session to get some work done somehow. Skills should never be neglected.

Couple of mu's

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