Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday 7.1: Clean and jerk, Squats, Hspu

Wednesday. C&J complex, emom x 8min: 2+2 (70-75kg). Workout, for quality, 5rds of: 5 front squat (90kg), 15 unbroken hspu. Workout, for quality, 5rds of: 15 t2b, 15 ring push-ups.

I really missed barbell work. Last proper session was last Saturday when we hit a clean and jerk complex together with Toni. It was great to have some action on. After bar work it was some some accessory stuff, not real metcons as I was taking it easy with my breathing. Didn't want to breathe heavy 'cause my throat is a bit sore still. But I got some good work done!

One more from yesterday

  • Clean and jerk, every minute on the minute, for 8 minutes
  • 2 power clean + 2 push jerk (4x70kg, 4x75kg)
The weights were light all the time. You don't know how much eagerness I had in tank. I was ready to max out =) But I'm proud of being able to hold back and take it easy. Better listen to the body and not push it when there's no point in it at all. I went touch'n'go in every set. It took me 10 seconds to finish each set. This pushed me mentally further as there was so much time to recover. It was very difficult not to add weight or reps. Originally I had thought about doing this with 80kg (2+2reps). Funny how 75kg power clean felt like it was 50kg.

The man

Workout. For quality
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 5 front squat, 90kg
  • 15 unbroken handstand push-ups
It's about time to get some squats done. The last couple of days they have been non-existing. I'm waiting to hit it hard. Today I got lightweight reps done, sets of 5 reps. In between some handstand push-ups. Initially I thought about doing 10 reps per set but that was too easy on the first round so I just kept on knocking more. After first round my plan got modified to 15 unbroken hspu's. That was a bit ambitious but I was mentally int he right zone and knew I'm close to hit it through all 5 rounds.

However, this definitely needed some breaks between sets. As I wrote, I didn't wanna burden my heart and lungs too much so I took my breaks between squats and hspu's. Main goal was to do the work unbroken, then rest. Completing 75 handstand push-ups is not easy for me. That's a lot of reps.

Workout. For quality
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 15 toes-to-bar
  • 15 ring push-ups
Maybe it was time to go home but my system needed some more work. This was created on the fly. T2b's and push-ups on rings. These were also unbroken each round. I tried to use more swing on the t2b's and those felt great. Even though the number of reps wasn't huge, they started to burn towards the end. Push-ups are something I don't do practically at all so I figured those might come in handy. Gotta do some reps for example this way. Cashout type of work.

By the way, this is maybe day three on my new decision of doing muscle-ups on every session. And I've followed that principle. Today I took bar and ring versions. Hopefully I have the patience to carry this on plus that it would translate to better technique on ring mu's.

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