Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday 2.1: Front squats, Hspu

Friday. Strength, 4x8 (110kg). Hspu's, 1 set of max reps (PR 23 reps).

Very quick workout. Most of my time went to warm-up =) Then some squats that I postponed from 2 days ago. I had Diane in my mind for some reason but the schedules simply didn't match so I took some gymnastics in the end. Tomorrow is going to be a great day as I'm heading to throw down with my main man Toni.

Toni's squats. He made a PR in the past week, congrats!

  • Front squat 4x8 (112.5, 110, 110, 110kg)
God damn these sets were heavy! I was too weak for the sets. I was thinking how the heck were they so heavy and I wasn't able to smash them through as planned. These were supposed to be 4x9 sets @ 112.5kg. As I came home I checked the weights just in case to make sure there was correct loading. Well, surprise but they were not! It was written as 4x9 @ 105kg. That would have been a totally different thing. I have no idea where those kilos came to my notes. This was very encouraging because that was kind of a bummer I couldn't lift the weights as I had thought in my head.

Now as I think about it, those 105kg squats seems like easy lifts. They definitely are not but at this time when I'm sitting at my couch, it feels much lighter. Truth may be something else at the gym. Last 2-3 reps of each set today were big battles. Mentally strong effort but there was a little rounding in my upper back which I would not like to see ever.

  • Max effort of handstand push-ups
  • Result, 23 reps (PR)
Okay, those squats took me about 20 minutes, I had plenty of time for recovery between sets. Had to be enough time in between. But then again, my time was pretty much up for the day. I just thought about throwing my legs against the wall, inverted and try max reps of handstand push-ups without warming up for the movement at all. Felt pretty good to get a new record by stringing 23 reps together. 2 days of the year are in the books, and I have 2 PR's in the books. I'll take it!

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