Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday 30.1: Ohs, Open 14.2

Friday. Ohs emom x 15min (50-70kg). Open 14.2, result 115 reps.

I ended the work week by hitting the gym on Friday and focused on my weakness, overhead squat. Definitely not a strong side in my physical ability. There's a lot of mobility things to be in place that I need to work on. It was an emom for strength part and then the classic Open stuff afterwards that killed me finally.

Overhead squat.
  • Every minute on the minute, for 15 minutes
  • 3min: 5 reps @ 50kg
  • 3min: 4 reps @ 55kg
  • 3min: 3 reps @ 60kg
  • 3min: 2 reps @ 65kg
  • 3min: 1 rep @ 70kg
This was a perfect way to get lots of reps done with increasing weights. Every minute on the minute, always 3 minutes with one reps scheme and then add weights and decrease the amount of reps. Started at 5 reps @ 50kg, and worked my way up 5kg after every 3min. Simultaneously I dropped one rep.

I probably haven't done ohs ever like this, and it started to feel on my shoulders. Squatting with this kind of light weights is no big deal for my legs but I had to struggle somewhat to get a nice form on my shoulders. I took this one from the rack but I'm afraid to drop it in my back so at 60kg and more I dropped the barbell on the floor and power cleaned it back to the safety rack after each set.

I performed this one with dignity. I'm very happy on the way I was able to do. And the weights were perfect for me, it would probably not have succeeded with heavier loading, and lighter one would have left too much in the tank.

Open 14.2. Result, 115 reps
  • Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete the following:

  • From 0:00 - 03:00

    • 2 rounds of
    • 10 overhead squat, 42.5kg
    • 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

  • From 3:00 - 06:00

    • 2 rounds of
    • 12 overhead squat, 42.5kg
    • 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

    • From 06:00 - 09:00

        • 2 rounds of
        • 14 overhead squat, 42.5kg
        • 14 chest-to-bar pull-ups
        Do you remember this one? I think it was Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Talayna Fortunato that pulled it off in the live performance, head-to-head, Open 14.2. This was the first time I did this one, and it was a mental battle. Especially after that emom session I felt like I was wasted after the first round of 10's =)

        My strategy was simple. Don't lose the barbell on overhead squats. Then go by feeling on the chest-to-bar's, don't rush it, definitely do not rush it. I got ohs unbroken on the both rounds in the first "amrap" in 3 minutes, same happened on the second amrap or what you call those. Anyways, the 2x12's went unbroken as well. The only time I dropped the bar was when there was 14 reps to be done. I got 9 at first, dropped it and finished the 5 remaining ones. That equalled to 58 overhead squats.

        C2b's were not crushing me on the first set but the latter 10 reps were much more tougher already. I took them 6-4 on the first time domain. On the round of 12's I have no memory how it went, most likely the first one was 5-4-3, and the latter was a pathetic one, that's what I remember. It was maybe a 4, then 3 and then maybe singles.

        I had to get my shit together after 6 minutes was full. I barely made it to the third time domain and had to rest my elbows to my knees before jumping on to the 14 overhead squats. After finishing those the c2b's were a nightmare. I think I made a double or two in the beginning, and then hit purely singles until the time cap of 9 minutes was full. Tough workout.

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