Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday 4.1: Skills day

Sunday. Skills, strict ring muscle-up progressions & handstand.

Huh, my body felt wrecked after yesterday's training! Like a truck had hit me. I don't even know what the reason is, what was so different in that session but it sure feels in my body. Toni had the same feeling this morning. However, he still went to row a half marathon today in the afternoon, crazy man… =) Okay, after breakfast Pauliina had to get her training done so we hit the gym in a classic weekend style. Huge breakfast of omelette and smoothies. Keeping it clean. My effort stayed at skills training. Not a bad choice at all! Felt much better after the session than before it.


  • Strict ring muscle-up progressions
  • Handstand

Ring muscle-ups are an obvious goat for me. If a man has not performed Amanda ever in his lifetime, it's pretty obvious that ring mu's and snatch are not his strengths. I'm gonna make them count this year. That means I got to work those elements more often. It would be freaking cool to knock couple of strict muscle-ups. I'd take them on rings but also on the bar.

I played with the rings a lot today. Those really burned my upper body in a good way. On the video you'll see some of the action. Mostly played around with that transition part. It seems too challenging at the moment to pull high enough before I would make the "sit-up" in the transition part. I tried couple of strict reps but couldn't quite nail it. Some help would definitely be welcomed.


There were just me, Pauliina and a third person at the gym so there was plenty of space to practice my handstand skills. It was a good shot as I got couple of decent attempts under my belt. In the process I also hit a PR in the time being inverted. It was 33 seconds whereas my previous max attempts in free handstand have been around 20-25 seconds. It was also great that I wasn't walking around the gym but stayed rather close to where I wanted to stay.

These kind of days are not that often but they are always very beneficial. Just work on the skills and get better at them. These do not burden body as much as doing barbell work or tough metcons but these are fun days. And the only way to get better at skills is to practice them, no surprise there =)

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