Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wednesday 31.12: CJ, Thrusters, Du's

Wednesday. Complex, 1 clean + 3 jerk, start at 60kg, add 5kg per set, add up. Result, 95kg. Then, 3x100kg clean. Then, 8x112.5kg front squat. Emom x 10min: odd min, 10 thrusters (40kg) and amrap of du's. Even min, rest. Result, 50-45-40-35-33 du's.

Last workout of the year. Make it count. Got some real heavy clean and jerks in the books. Then played around with cleans and front squats just for fun, and finally hit an interval workout in the way I see Pat Sherwood fool around all the time. Good inspiration. This was created by myself though. In the evening we went to casa de Toni to celebrate the New Year's Eve and his birthday at the same time =)

  • Complex: 1 clean + 3 jerk (60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95kg)
  • Clean 3x100kg
  • Front squat 8x112.5kg
Somehow I kind of forget to practice my overhead strength. At least that's the feeling I have right now. Often I'm thinking about focusing on that but then after some time I realize I haven't put weights over my head. So it was about time. This complex is perfect workout for me. My clean is much stronger than the jerk so this focuses on the weakness on clean and jerk.

I'm very happy on being able to move these loads. I went up to 80kg for touch'n'go on front rack position, first set where I rested the bar on from rack was at 85kg. My core felt very strong today and there was no shake and bake in midline at all. It also felt like all the lifts were kinda similar. I was able to throw my front foot forward enough which created stability in the movement.

Unfortunately the gym got crowded after 75kg so I had to put my camera down and couldn't get the heaviest lift on video. That would have been very beneficial to see if that technique really worked. Last set was a good battle. Those jerks weren't light at all but I had good confidence and was able to hold on. As I jerked the bar up, I waited for a second before bringing my feet together to ensure good stability. There was some more room to build up but this felt like it was good to stop here. This is also the heaviest I've done for a triple, ever. Maybe I could try this same thing in the near future and try to build up. It would be crazy to throw 100kg up in the air for multiple jerks someday. That was such a distant dream some time ago, even for a single.

Recap of the early jerks

Cleans were light today. I just wanted to take couple of heavy cleans for fun. There as 100kg on the bar and I took it up for a triple. Dropped the bar from top, re-grip and took it up again. Felt perfect all the way. Three identical lifts. Felt great!

Front squats were part of my squat program. 4x9 reps at heavy weights was too much to handle today. I'll take these some other day. I got 8x112.5kg, then decided to rack it and move on.

  • Every minute on the minute
  • Odd minutes: 10 thrusters (40kg) + rest of minute double unders
  • Even minutes: rest
  • Result, 50-45-40-35-33 double unders
I like the way Pat Sherwood posts his workouts. Interval stuff. All out effort for a certain time, then rest for a predetermined period. On this one there was 10 thrusters at 40kg, then as many reps as possible in the remaining minute. It took me about 20 seconds to finish the thrusters. So there was about 35 seconds to get max effort of double unders in. Maybe for me something like burpees would have worked perfectly because the transition would be 0 seconds. Somehow I lost time before my first double under.

I got 50 du's on the first round without making any misses. Unbroken all the way. It takes about half a second to finish one rep so there should be time for 60-70 reps? On the following rounds I had probably one miss or then an intentional break every round which dropped the number from 50 to 45, then 40, 35 and finally 33 double unders. My shoulders bailed me and that caused lack of concentration. This was actually a very good workout and this kind of interval work forces you to push through no matter what. Now as I think about it, I should have somehow fought the strength to keep on skipping the rope. Lesson learned!

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